H’s Shenanigans – Episode 1: Touchy Feely

In an effort to get out there and make sure bubs gets lots of stimulation and activity, I’m going to document H’s shenanigans and outings. This way I’ll be somewhat accountable if we veg inside for an entire week…(you’ll see many more Eye Candy postings if thats the case).

To start off the week we were very excited to attend a baby massage clinic at www.advancedhealthrecovery.ca .  Held by Naturopathic Doctor, Michelle Chin, and RMT, Dawn Breda-Costa, the clinic ended up being not only super educational but also super fun!

Things didn’t get off to a great start in the morning since we had had a rough night coupled with no nap in the a.m.  When H spitup all over the second outfit I put him in I was seriously considering canning the whole affair and making a trip to the mailbox our big event.

Well I’m definitely happy we schlepped it out there.  (And trust me, most outings with a bub are a serious schlep especially in winter!)

As you can see, H enjoyed the various massage techniques that were demonstrated on him.  Baby L is pictured in the background, apparently loving her massage so much that she’s immobile with pleasure. Yes that is her real hair btw, she’s the envy of all hairless babies out there (heck she’s the envy of many a grown woman with her luscious curly locks!)

We were taught the many different types of massage and what they could help with – digestion, gas, colic. you name it! H let us know which ones worked when he tooted and pooped with pleasure.

All in all, a terrific Shenanigan to get involved with.  We highly recommend paying a visit to Advanced Health Recovery – you’ll leave feeling relaxed no matter what you go in with!

ahhh that feels nice!


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