Hair crisis – Alice Dellal, help!

hairstyle to come?

So as with many a new momma, my hair has taken a backseat to other more pressing matters (diapers, baby’s first cold, showering etc…)

I’ve had tons of hairstyles in the past – all the colours of the rainbow, Rihanna-s super short pixie, regular pixie, super long locks, blunt cut bangs. So now I have been pondering rocking a pseudo-punk do ala the lovely Alice Dellal. 

Hubby isn’t too impressed with the shaved side do but I feel like it could add alot of spunk to my everyday grocery runs/baby playdates/general errand running. 

The question arises – when I inevitably grow bored with the shaved side, how do I stylishly grow it out?!  Will I be constantly itchy?!  Do I go full-fledged and shave designs into it?! (a pacifier perhaps?!)

Help, blogosphere…this Stylinmommy is stuck in hairstyle purgatory.


9 Responses to “Hair crisis – Alice Dellal, help!”

  1. hey guys – thx for all the comments! i may be over it already so it mite have been good to delay it for a couple of days! we’ll see…afro anyone?!

  2. Normally I would say hellz no but honestly if anyone could pull this off, it would be YOU!!! You would rock any haircut because you’ve always been able to rock ANY haircut, even the self-made ones 😉

  3. Nah…..don’t think it’s suited for mom’s unfortunately. Speaking from the standpoint of having a shaved head, you have to cut your hair at least once a week. The grow out would also be awkward, unless you are able to rock a nice fade from one side to the other.

    PS – I remember the “I-had-a-dream-I-looked-good-in-bangs” self hair cut. I loved how they weren’t straight….hahaha

  4. I cut my hair like Rihanna’s a few years ago – the style when she rocked the short side and longer on the other. Got lots of compliments and it did suit me, but like you said, it was the dreaded grow out.

    I had to grow the one side out – looked scruff. Then I had to cut the other side to match, so it would grow together. It was an awkward period ….

    So my advice … I understand you want to be a Stylinmommy – but it certainly comes with a price. At my youthful age I suggest a “compromise”! It’ll make you and Matty happy!

    Good Luck

  5. yaaaaaaa do it! and as for growing out, you just pull a willow smith and whip that hair back and forth. no one will even know u have a shaved bush growing on half your head. OR shave it all, go from sinead, to halle, back to rihanna…. xo

  6. You know T Bizzy is fully going to support something like this. I think you should get your hair cut like Roxette…then sing to Matty It must Have been Love!

  7. Leave the hair as is – you aren’t a teenager anymore and while it may seem like a good idea now, you’ll regret it when you’re trying to grow it out and you end up looking like a freakazoid!


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